A Journey to China Culture- Part 2


Inbar Sharabany one of our students presents her experience in China:


Day 1- Beginning of the Journey

On the morning of our flight to China, I met with the delegates from Israel at the airport. We all were excited to begin our amazing journey to Beijing China.

From the moment we landed, the tour organizers welcomed us in a charming and organized way that included a hotel shuttle and the room that was beyond my expectations. After a long rest, Anna ( one of Israeli students) and I decided to walk around a river near the hotel.

The river view and its atmosphere was magical and surreal for our arrival in China, and we talked about how much we were grateful for the opportunity for this experience. And we shared our past experiences on other trips.

Day 2- Meeting the students from others countries

After a deep and comfortable sleep at the amazing hotel, we got up in the morning for an authentic breakfast of Chinese food and then gathered in the hotel lobby to officially open the conference.

There we had an informative lecture by Professor Duan Zhouwu on China’s history and culture. Then a representative from the 23 countries that took part in the expedition took the stage and presented their country – I represented Israel, I was very excited to do that, I think this breakage of ice between members of the China culture center around the world, greatly contributed for getting know more closely  other students from all over the world.

Later in the day, we took a tour of the spectacular Botanical Gardens, where we had a glimpse of each of the Chinese provinces in a very original way to the living and botanical conditions of that province. The aesthetics, empowerment and beauty of these gardens was spectacular.


Day 3+4- Continue of the journey

What a place full of power and history. When you visit the Great Wall for sure you will have the same thought as mine-  about the strength of the building, and the history of these stones.

I have visited the wall before, but it have to say that the experience of climbing the wall with all the people who participated in this trip was very significant. One of the magical moments I experienced in the Great Wall, was when we reached the top of the wall and some of the students played the traditional music with their musical instruments.
In the Great Wall I felt that the taste of the past was just around the corner of every stone in the wall.

I will close my story with a lot of thanks to all people practiced this great trip ,and of course sincerely thank to the China Cultural Center in Tel-Aviv for an amazing adventure.

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