A Journey to China Culture- Part 3


From August 23rd to 27th, two outstanding students recommended by the Tel Aviv Chinese Culture Center came to Zhangye and Linxia in Gansu for a five-day cultural tourism exchange program. This activity is one of the visiting projects under the framework of the province’s cooperation with the Chinese Culture Center of Tel Aviv this year. It is approved by the International Exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China. The Chinese and Foreign Cultural Centers organize and implement the “2019 Cultural China Tour – Overseas Chinese Cultural Center Outstanding Student Group Visiting China Program”. The important part of the Center’s Outstanding Student Group’s Visit to China program, from August 18th to 23rd, the participants have participated in home host exchange activities in Beijing and Tianjin.

The Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism arranged a variety of visits. The participants visited the Gansu Provincial Museum’s “Silk Road Civilization Exhibition” and “Gansu Painted Pottery Exhibition” and other pavilions. Through a comprehensive appreciation and analysis of the appearance, shape, and craft of cultural relics, they learned about history from the perspectives of feeling, hearing, and vision. Fresh and vivid, experience the convenience of 3D digitization, and at the same time, deeply feel the integration of historical inheritance and modern innovation.


In addition, the students also visited the Zhangye Danxia Geological Park and the Yongjing Bingling Temple Grottoes in Linxia. After listening carefully to the introductory introduction of the scenic spots in the Wenhai scenic spot, Orit, a foreign staff member of the Tel Aviv China Culture Center, said that Gansu has a long cultural history and rich tourism resources. The trip is short, and it feels like it is still unfinished. Be sure to travel to Gansu with family and friends in the future. Another student, Anna, also said that the art of grottoes in Gansu is famous all over the world. During this visit, I learned about the exquisiteness of grotto art and Gansu’s good experience and good practices in cultural relics. After returning home, I would like to share the experience of visiting and sharing with her. People, let more people understand Gansu, come to be a guest.

(Text provided by Tourism Administration of Gansu Province, Author Lu Jin).

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